Built-in smart security and privacy features and data protection measures

In order to ensure maximum safety and privacy of the Qdrome platform, we have built a number of measures and features into the platform. We also do everything in our power to protect and secure data in the system.

Hiding the exact location

In order to protect the user’s privacy, real-time tracking and location of a Broadcast are not public. From the start, until they respond to the Broadcast, responders can only see their distance to the Broadcast location. Precise Broadcast location is available only to responders that have responded to the Broadcast. Upon responding to a Broadcast, the system automatically turns on real-time tracking and gathers all necessary data about the responder (identity, location, responding time).

Responders’ safety is ensured also by hiding the exact location of the responder from the regular users – only a provisional location of the nearby responders is shown on the map. The precise responder location is shown to the person that sent the Broadcast only at the moment when the responder responds to the Broadcast.

heroes nearby security location hidden
heroes nearby security

Choice as a type of protection

The person sending a Broadcast can choose to invite all nearby responders, only responders verified by certain organizations (if the Broadcast is sent to the Heroes Nearby Global network). The app allows sending the Broadcast on a more private level – the option to send Broadcast only to Private Heroes (like friends and family).

The person sending the Broadcast can determine how many responders he/she wants to respond to the Broadcast. When the desired number of responders respond to the Broadcast, the others are told that the response is no longer needed.

Verification, prevention, fake calls and more

Responder identification – the organizations have to verify their responders. Individual Heroes (in the Heroes Nearby Global network only) have to undergo an identification check and provide a personal identity document.

The responder does not know if other invited responders and how many of them responded to the Broadcast. By hiding this information from responders the app prevents a series of unpredictable situations. For example, this prevents ill intentions of individuals whose goal may be to be alone with the person who sent the Broadcast.

In Qdrome, fake Broadcasts are the responsibility of the group administrator because the system itself cannot determine whether a call is fake or not. In the Heroes Nearby Global network, the system has embedded a 3 fake Broadcasts rule. After the system receives a tip regarding a fake Broadcast, the user is warned and notified, and in case of repetition, the user is erased from the system.

heroes nearby security heroes identification

Privacy and GDPR compliance

Qdrome uses the most advanced systems and protocols for data management.

GDPR compliance

Qdrome follows the GDPR requirements requested by Google Play and Apple App Store. Besides the basic GDPR requirements requested by app stores, the team has added GDPR consents within the application so the user is fully aware of personal data usage.

All personal information entry is voluntary

It is important to note that the entire Qdrome ecosystem is fully functional and can be used without entering any personal information (except the user's email address), which means that all personal information entry is voluntary.

Smart management of user location data

When the user has not activated the Broadcast, the system only occasionally takes the user's location for the purpose of faster action in case of activation. The system then remembers only the last location of the user and doesn't save the user's movement data. The only case when user tracking is enabled is when the user activates the Broadcast himself or respond to a Broadcast as a responder.

Data security and protection

We take data security seriously. Here are some of the measures and technical solutions we use for data security and protection.

Dispersive smart data security system

We use a multi-cloud system that allows data to be used in parallel from multiple cloud solutions thus gaining on data security.

Cloud firewall

A network-based firewall that places a barrier between servers and other machines on the network to protect them from external attacks.

Proven secure infrastructure

We select only software solutions and platforms from reputable companies that have proven high technical security standards in the field of data protection

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

TLS/SSL certificate for establishing authenticated and encrypted communications between the client and server sides.