qdrome new release 2024

Qdrome Platform’s Latest Release is Here!

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of the Qdrome platform, both mobile (iOS, Android) and web application (Control Center). This major update brings a lot of new platform-wide features, a better user experience and a lot of interesting improvements.

What’s new

Broadcast Types and Tags

tags types control center red cross

The Qdrome platform now allows the Group administrator to predefine the types and tags for the group and each Broadcast type. Those predefined types and tags then can be used by members when reporting incidents (sending Broadcasts and communicate) through the Qdrome mobile app.

This not only accelerates communication during incidents but also lays the foundation for high-quality analysis and data filtering in the Control Center. Group administrators have the power to define specific tags for a particular type of broadcast or the entire group, ensuring efficient and consistent reporting.

Broadcast Templates (Control center)

The ability to create Broadcast templates makes sending recurring Broadcasts much faster and easier. In addition, the Group administrator can choose which templates will appear to users on the mobile application after installing the application or entering their Group.

Heat Maps (Control center)

broadcasts heat map report

Get a bird’s-eye view of incident concentrations with the new heat map feature. This visual representation allows users to filter and explore incident/broadcast data dynamically. The heat maps provide valuable insights into incident patterns, enabling more informed decision-making.

Graph Reports (Control center)


Empower your data-driven decision-making with the graph reports feature. The platform now offers graphical representations of the number of incidents/broadcasts reported by members. View incident trends over weekly, monthly, or yearly periods.

Communication and Broadcast Log (Mobile app, Control center)


The new version of the Qdrome mobile app introduces the ability for all involved parties (sender, responders, administrator..) to communicate seamlessly within a specific Broadcast using notes, tags and multimedia (photos, videos, audio files).

The Broadcast Log with timeline is created for each Broadcast. This detailed log captures every action, communication, and update related to the incident, providing a comprehensive historical record. This not only ensures accountability but also aids in post-incident analysis.

Bug fixes and upgrades (Mobile app, Control center)

Due to major changes in the work and features of the platform, this part was really extensive.

What’s next

Upgrade your Qdrome mobile app now.
While we are working on demo versions for some of the possible applications of the platform, your organization can try Qdrome completely free 🙂

Contact us if you have any questions!