Connect, track, report, respond

Extremely flexible mobile app that connects all members of the group in a unique way. Built-in real-time GPS tracking, reporting and responding functionalities
Qdrome mobile app. Inbuild GPS tracking, reporting & responding functionalities
HeroesNearby safety app 2

Different user and Administrator roles

Members of your group can have two roles. Ordinary users can use the mobile app to report events and incidents, while responders have the ability to respond to them, but they can also report events themselves. There is also the role of Recruiter who can invite new members to the Group. The Group is managed by the Group Administrator or Top Administrator.

Multiple groups possibility

Each user can be a member of multiple groups (closed networks) and still enjoy all the benefits of the Heroes Nearby personal application simply by switching from group to group as needed.

Compatible with Flic, a smart, wireless panic-button

A button connects with the Heroes Nearby app on your mobile phone so you can send the Broadcast with one touch without having to search for your phone or open the app.


The Heroes Nearby native mobile app (Android, iOS) is flexible, carefully designed and easy to use 

Create a template and send a Broadcast within or outside the Group

Do you want to send the Broadcast to only one person? A few of them? Or to all the responders in the Group? It’s all up to you.

Send a Broadcast to the closest responders in your group. Determine how many responders you want to respond to and within what radius around your location.

If you want, you can send a Broadcast only to your organization, ie to the administrator of the group you are currently in.

People and services that do not have the Heroes Nearby app on their phones, can be notified by SMS and email. They will see the details of your Broadcast in real-time on the web via a special link.

Make your closest friends and family members your Private Heroes.  If the event is of a private nature, you can send a detailed Broadcast that will reach them wherever they are.

You can choose to publish your Broadcast on Facebook because sometimes is important that your Broadcast reach as many people as possible. 

Sometimes your family, friends and group members are not around, nor are they closest to the scene. Then, you can send the Broadcast to the Heroes Nearby Global Community – professionals and individuals who have signed up to help others.

safety net
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Use the full potential of your smartphone

Provide valuable nad media-rich information to responders in or outside your group.

Be prepared. You can use ready-made Broadcast templates or create your own. Templates allow you to pre-set a Broadcast message that will go to responders in case of activation. Previously prepared Broadcasts can be sent with a single click. This is especially useful when you often have to send the same Broadcast (e.g. a report) or in an emergency.

All the Broadcast participants can attach notes, tags, photos, video and audio recordings to the Broadcast as long as the Broadcast is active.

After sending the Broadcast, all recipients will receive information about your exact location on the interactive map and real-time tracking will be activated (it lasts until the Broadcast is canceled). 

If you are just a witness to a situation, you have the option to turn on the Witness mode, record everything on the spot and send it with the Broadcast. The recipients will be able to see that you are witnessing a situation and are not directly involved. 


Carefully optimized for minimal battery consumption and GPS usage

The application is carefully optimized and does not drain the battery. In fact, the user may notice increased consumption only when he/she has an active Broadcast (when he/she sent or responded to a Broadcast). Only then is real-time tracking enabled and the user’s location is taken every 10 seconds.

When a Broadcast is activated, the app consumes the battery like any other navigation app and in that case, the battery is not consumed by the app itself but mostly by the GPS. In all other cases, battery consumption is negligible. 

The app has a built-in intelligent system that estimates the GPS usage intensity during an active Broadcast in order to optimize battery usage. In the case of the Broadcast being activated for a longer period of time, the intelligent system begins to optimize the battery usage (the app will still consume the battery but significantly less). In all other cases, battery consumption is negligible. 

It is important to mention that the app does not have to be turned on for the responder (or family and friends) to receive a Broadcast.

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panic button
Smart wireless SOS push-button


FLIC is a smart, wireless, push-button that connects with the Heroes Nearby App on your mobile phone so you can send a Broadcast with one touch without having to search for your phone or open the app!

Its indoor range is up to 50m with a battery life of up to 3 years (replaceable). The FLIC button is coin-sized, reliable and lightweight. You can pin it to your clothing or a purse, attach it to a car dashboard or just keep it somewhere at the office or home. 

Heroes Nearby for personal use

We all need help and care in a variety of life situations. The Heroes Nearby safety app gives you peace of mind and significantly increases the chances of getting help as quickly as possible. You even have the opportunity to become somebody’s Real Life Hero!