[New release] Cool and useful enhancements in Broadcast templates and more!

The latest Qdrome mobile and web application update comes bearing cool news and features tailored for both Group Admins and Group members.

The task of Broadcast templates is to simplify the process of sending Broadcasts with predefined settings, enhancing user experience within the Qdrome mobile and web application.

Among the customizable settings for each call (Broadcast) are options such as:

  • Specifying whether the call demands responders’ reactions or is merely a notification
  • Identifying the recipients, including all responders, the Group Administrator, private contacts, SMS and email contacts, or a select few
  • Assigning Broadcast priority as high, medium, or low
  • Defining the radius around the caller within which responders will be contacted
  • Enabling or disabling real-time tracking
  • and more…

What’s new

Control center – Better Broadcast templates, tailored to your Group members

Very cool and useful, Group Administrators can now dictate which Broadcast templates are accessible to their Group members on their mobile phones through the web application. Additionally, the Group Administrator can now specify which Broadcast templates are mandatory and will be created for the user when entering the group, and which Broadcast templates are optional for the user.

This new feature, housed in the Qdrome control center (web application), provides enhanced flexibility and efficiency for various applications of the Qdrome mobile app, be it for children, the elderly, field workers, or volunteers.

qdrome broadcast templates control center

Qdrome mobile app – A new screen with available Broadcast templates

A new screen in the Qdrome mobile app with available templates allows the user to create templates prepared for him by the Group Administrator.

Mandatory templates are created when joining the group, but the Administrator can always change them or add new ones. Optional templates can be used by the user if he wishes.

qdrome mobile app new broadcast templates features

When the new Broadcast template features are useful?

The Group Administrator can prepare templates and set all settings for the Group members. In this way, users (eg the elderly or those who are not good with smartphones) do not have to set up anything themselves but only activate the Broadcast when they want or need it.

Also, this feature is very useful in the case when the Group Administrator wants his users to use specific Group templates with already defined settings for eg work report, incident report, etc.

What else is new in the latest release?

  • Added the ability to add media files and text from the “Broadcast Log” screen, which has now turned into a functional closed group chat for all participants at the Broadcast level (caller, responders and the Group admin)
  • Changes and adjustments in the onboarding section in the Qdrome mobile application
  • Minor user experience improvements and bug fixes

This platform upgrade unlocks a new possibilities and practical applications, showcasing Qdrome’s commitment to flexible, user-friendly and tailored solutions.

What’s next

  • Demo versions for different use cases
  • Reports functionality improvement and the possibility of exporting the reports in PDF/Excel format
  • The ability for the Group Administrator to lock certain Broadcast template settings and disable changing settings for mobile app users.

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