qdrome demo versions introduction

Introducing Qdrome demo versions

To make it easier for future Qdrome users and Administrators to understand and test everything for their specific real-life application, we have created demo versions with various examples of use.

The Qdrome platform can cover a variety of completely different types and areas of application. It serves as a comprehensive system for incident monitoring, task reporting, safety, organizing people to action, and managing and organizing human networks of any kind, catering to the needs of companies, cities, organizations, and local communities alike.

For which use-case applications are the demo versions made?

The first demo versions were made for Neighborhood Watch organizations and Red Cross organizations (and similar humanitarian organizations). A Demo version is being prepared for Mountain Rescue services, mountaineers, hikers, clubs, and nature parks that want to provide connectivity and safety to their members and outdoor enthusiasts through one platform.

What do the Qdrome demo versions include?

We have prepared Qdrome demo versions for various use cases with existing users, Responders, Broadcasts, Groups, and subgroups. You can test all the features of the Qdrome platform (both web and mobile apps).

Quick Start Guide

1. Sign in to demo Group as Group Administrator
demo sign in

Sign in to the Qdrome Control center (web app)
You can find login credentials on the landing page (click on the “Qdrome demo credentials” button). After signing in, explore the options of the Qdrome Control Center and change the data as desired. The list of landing pages with possible applications you can find HERE.

2. Invite members to your Group

Invite you and other members to your Demo Group
When you want to receive and send Broadcasts from your mobile phone, invite yourself and other members to your Demo group – just enter your and other members’ email addresses and click Invite.
! The email address must be the one with which the user will log in to the Qdrome mobile app.

invite members demo 1024x824 1
3. Install the Qdrome mobile app and choose Demo mode
demo mode

Install the Qdrome mobile app
Install the Qdrome mobile app by clicking on the link in the invitation e-mail you received or find the app in the Apple Store or Google Play – just type “Qdrome” in the store search.
! At the top of the first screen (before logging into the mobile app), select Demo mode from the drop-down menu, and then log in.

Should you have any queries or require further assistance with Demo versions, please do not hesitate to contact us.