Help and quidelines

Getting started with Qdrome web and mobile app

Web application - Control center

Getting started - System setup

  1. Log in
  2. Fill up your Group data
    In the Administration area, go to Group -> Info. Fill up the details about your Group and determine the visibility of your Group Responders.
  3. Set up your Group identity
    Go to Group -> Identity and set your Group profile photo, check your official Group name and email.
  4. Give custom names to your Responders and Regular users
    Go to Options and define the names for your members; Responders and Regular users.
  5. Define Broadcast types 
    On the Options screen, create Broadcast types for your Group.

Invite members and subgroups

  1. Invite members to your Group
    Go to My Team -> Add & Invite and invite your Group members; Responders, regular users and Recruiters.
  2. Invite the subgroups of your Group
    If you want, you can invite other Groups / organizations to join your network.

Start your first Broadcast

  1. Define your test Group or subgroup
    Before officially sending a Broadcast, it is wise to test sending and receiving Broadcasts with members of your test Group. 
  2. Start the test Broadcast
    Go to Broadcast. Set up and send your first (test) Broadcast. Watch the video for more details.

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Getting started

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