Frequently Asked Questions


Responders are members of a closed group who receive Broadcasts from other members and have the ability to answer to the Broadcast. Their specific role depends on the group. The group administrator gives a name to this group of members (eg Angels, Staff, Doctors etc.)

Heroes are the name for responders in the Heroes Nearby Global network.

You can become a responder in a group if you are invited as a responder by a Group administrator. 

For Group members. If your organization/group has decided to be visible in the Heroes Nearby Global network, then its responders will also be visible. You can only play the role of a responder in a group if you are invited as a responder by a Group administrator. 

For individuals. It’s simple! After downloading the Qdrome App, click on your Action Profile and sign up. We will ask you to send a photo of a personal document to confirm your identity. We respect your privacy and your personal details will not be shared. This data is solely for the sake of greater security for the community. If you have been verified by a club, association or organisation, you will not be required to send your identity.

A verified Hero is someone who has been verified by a legitimate organization as being of good character and willing to help.

The Qdrome App can be set to only receive calls that require medical assistance. On the screen of your Action profile mark that you want to only receive medical calls.

  • Carefully view all the details of the received Broadcast
  • Click on the button “Respond”
  • Look at the exact location of the caller
  • If this is an emergency issue, assess whether you should immediately call the police or other emergency services
  • Go to the scene if needed or respond in a requested way

When you receive a Broadcast, you will see the details of the person calling without their location. After pressing the button “Respond”, you will see a map with the exact location of the person calling.

In dangerous and stressful situations you can also be helpful in many ways. It is not always necessary to interfere. For example, you can call the police or other emergency services and give a detailed description of the situation. 

Yes, the Broadcast that you receive will contain a description of the situation, as well as a priority level. It is up to you to decide which Broadcast you want to respond to.

Yes, you will receive a push notification. 


The number of Broadcast templates you can set up is unlimited.

You can edit the settings of an existing Broadcast template by pressing the settings icon in the right corner of each pre-set Broadcast, a screen with all the settings of that Broadcast opens. 

For each predefined Broadcast, you can specify who you want to call. You can send the Broadcast to:

  • Responders in your group
  • Your friends and family (Private Heroes)
  • Group administrator
  • Your selected Email and SMS contacts
  • If you switch to Heroes Nearby Global network you can call Heroes – App users who have registered as Heroes


The FLIC button connects with your smartphone via bluetooth, and in the Qdrome mobile app, on the „Flic“ screen you can link your FLIC button to the app and then link one or more previously created Broadcast templates with the FLIC button.

Yes, you can link up to 3 previously created Broadcast templates. The FLIC button has the ability to launch a Broadcast with three different states (click, double click, hold) and you can assign one of the pre-created Broadcast templates to each of these states.

Our recommendation – Connect the activation of the Broadcast with the “Double click” or “Hold” option. This will avoid the possibility of accidental activation with a single click.


If during the use of the Qdrome mobile app, you experience issues with GPS-tracking or push notifications, then you probably have a problem that is solely attributed to the manufacturer of a particular mobile phone. It is practically an open secret that many smartphones have aggressive battery saving tactics, which often put background apps into sleep mode. Some of the Chinese mobile devices and Huawei phones in particular, tend to kill apps aggressively without following Android standards for background apps.

Read more and find some of the possible solutions in our article Manufacturers’ Issues: Problems with GPS, tracking and push notifications.


Responders will receive your precise location, profile picture, and all data and media files, notes and tags sent with the Broadcast.

Your location and Broadcast data are sent to the Qdrome server immediately and your Broadcast will still be active. Your location will no longer refresh in real time.

In the settings of each Broadcast, it is possible to set up a silent call. Just click on „no sound“ mode and you are ready to go.

Simply disable the active Broadcast by holding the Broadcast button for 2 seconds and responders will be notified that you no longer need their assistance.

When you send a Broadcast, audio recording starts automatically and records the first 20 seconds. The mp3 file is sent to all responders and helps them better assess the situation so that they can decide how to respond. You can add a video, photo or more audio later.

The accuracy of the positioning depends primarily on the capabilities of the mobile device and the strength of the GPS signal. The Qdrome mobile app has its own smart algorithm for better positioning and tracking. Most smart phones have GPS that allow accurate locationing when an adequate GPS signal is caught.

The accuracy of the GPS  ranges from 2.5m to a few dozen  meters in the outdoors. A  weaker or distorted signal can occur in narrow streets and sheltered spaces as well as in cloudy conditions. Indoors the GPS signal may be significantly weaker or completely lost (eg in the basement). For approximate location in cases without a GPS signal, locating by mobile stations is used (triangulation).

Yes, you can add them under your SMS and email contacts. In that case, a responder will receive all theBroadcast data in a text message or in the e-mail message. Also, they will receive the link to the map with your location which can be viewed in a web browser.

If you are not online your Broadcast will only be sent to your SMS contacts. If it is only a temporary interruption of an Internet connection or a weak signal, the app will send all the information of your Broadcast after restoring the Internet connection. The Qdrome mobile app seeks to take full advantage of your mobile device, and internet connectivity is a prerequisite for full functionality of the app. 

As a user, you can send out a Broadcast as an incident report. The responders will receive the notification and be able to react accordingly. If you are witnessing something and want to report that,  you have the option to turn on the incident report function to be a witness.  The recipients will see that you are not directly involved.

If you send a Broadcast with auto audio recording activated then the audio mp3 file is automatically sent with the Broadcast.

In all other cases (when  auto audio recording is off) you can attach photos, videos, audio files, notes and tags to your Broadcast. Immediately after activating the Broadcast a popup screen will prompt you to add a photo, video, audio file, note or tags. You can add all this later (as long as that particular Broadcast is active) by pressing the “plus” button on the active Broadcast screen or the Broadcast Log screen.

Yes, you will be charged by your carrier at the normal rate. If you do not have units in a pre-paid phone, the SMS will not be sent.

No. The app is well-optimized and uses smart protocols. Larger battery power consumption may occur only when a Broadcast is triggered and, for example, real-time tracking (GPS) is activated.

No. Heroes Nearby mobile app is a small application and uses a small amount of memory.


The Qdrome platform is an intermediary service and provides a communication channel between responders, regular users and an organization. Any damages (material or bodily) incurred during the provision of assistance are the sole responsibility of the participant as is written in our General Terms and Conditions.


We are extremely careful about all your information and do not share it with third parties. Of course, in the case of a Broadcast, we share the information you entered with the responders, so they can find you, respond, recognize you and help you. Regarding the location, we pay maximum attention to your privacy, so your location will only be visible to the responders who have responded to the Broadcast.

When the Qdrome mobile app is idle (running, but without an active Broadcast) from time to time we will take your location (for faster location in the case of emergency) and for receiving Broadcasts from others (if you are a responder). We do not track you and only store the last location. We collect the data according to the data protection laws and we do not sell any data to the third party.