The Control center software

Qdrome desktop application allows you to control and manage every aspect of your network

Control center software - web application

General features

The Control center software (web application) supports the creation of sub-groups and enables the organization, verification and real-time tracking (GPS) of members (Responders) and regular users.

It is possible to create an organizational tree structure assembled by sub-groups. The main group (city, organization…)  can monitor all sub-groups responders/members and broadcasts/alerts whilst a sub-group can see only its own activities. For example, the City can have a roof organization account and Neighborhood Watches can be sub-groups. In the other example, the Neighborhood Watch can act as a roof organization having its sub-groups based on specific city parts or areas.

Define an unlimited number of custom Broadcast types and tags that are specific to your Group’s needs. Define custom names for your member types – Responders and regular users. For example, responders we call Heroes by default, but you can choose any name you want as well as the name for the regular user’s group role.

The Group grants the role of a Recruiter to certain users. Recruiters are able to invite other members to join and verify them as responders.

The Group administrator is able to monitor and filter the list of all group’s users/responders.

The Group administrator is able to monitor and filter the list of all the organization’s Responders.

The map shows the organization’s active Responders’ GPS locations on the map.

A person can become a member only if invited/verified by one of the Group administrators.

Reports are flexible and adaptable. The Group Administrator can tailor data and generate Reports tailored to their needs, exporting them in either PDF or CSV formats.

Control center software-Broadcast details
Control center software-Geo filtering

Broadcasts features

It allows the Group administrator to start Broadcasts (alerts) from a web application and monitor active Broadcasts in real-time. It also allows detailed filtering and sorting of all Broadcasts (active and finished).

Simply and quickly invite your members and teams to take action. 

  • Activate the Broadcasts from your desktop and monitor all the activities in one place in real-time. 
  • Track your Responders and regular users in the field in real-time
  • Share media-rich information (text, photos, videos, audio files) and details about the incident, situation, or the condition of someone in need, with everyone involved

Templates are a useful feature that makes it easier for the Group administrator to create Broadcasts. Create your own templates whether you frequently send similar Broadcasts or simply want to prepare certain Broadcasts in advance for various possible situations.

Broadcast Log is a report where you can see chronologically everything that happened during the duration of a certain Broadcast. Communication between all involved parties (callers, responders, Group administrators) including the Broadcast statuses, notes and multimedia files sent by participants within the duration of the particular Broadcast. Except for the Group administrator (via the web application), the Broadcast Log is available to all participants of a particular Broadcast within the Qdrome mobile application.

A map showing all locations related to a certain Broadcast – starting/ending GPS locations and the Broadcast route together with all responding members’ GPS locations.

Groups can not only track their own Responders but also all the other responding members (from other Groups) on the map in real-time.

List of all sent Broadcasts by applying multiple filters (by active/inactive, by geographical boundaries, by date/time, by user name, by a number of responding members, etc.) and sorting (by active/inactive, by alert name, by date/time, etc.) fields. This is useful for creating countless search and analysis possibilities. For example, the app can show all the Broadcasts that have been addressed to a certain responded member within the past week.

Shows the Broadcasts starting GPS locations on the map. According to selected filters, certain types of Broadcasts are shown on the map. This is a useful tool for statistics and can be used to show alerts in a certain time frame. For example, the app can show only the Broadcasts in the last month that have happened between 02:00 and 03:00 am in a certain neighborhood’s geographical boundaries. 

The Group Administrator can adjust the data and create a report according to his needs and then export it in PDF or CSV format. The variety of possible applications of the Qdrome platform required us to make the reporting functionality extremely flexible and adaptable so that the Group Administrator could adjust the report in detail to the group’s needs and activities.

Qdrome mobile app

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