Top Safety Tips for Teenagers

top safety tips for teenagers

As parents, one of our major worries is keeping our children safe. Child safety issues concern the community as a whole and we need to hit the spot between protection and paranoia. As our children grow and reach puberty, it’s even more difficult as they want to assert their independence and explore the new world […]

5 ways to use the Heroes Nearby app in the time of Corona

5 ways to use heroes nearby app in the time of corona

With the planet in lockdown alone-together there has never been a greater need to connect. Robbed of the physical presence of others, people are reaching out through tech in order to connect, inform, inspire and teach so that some semblance of normal is kept in this uncertain time. With numerous apps and platforms supporting and […]

What to Consider when responding to an S.O.S Call?

responding to an sos call

An emergency situation is any situation that gives rise to an immediate threat to a person’s security, property, health or territory. As a Heroes Nearby hero, you may be called on any time someone feels this threat. Being well-prepared for an emergency and thinking ahead of the types of situations you may encounter will help […]