Introducing Qdrome demo versions

qdrome demo versions introduction

To make it easier for future Qdrome users and Administrators to understand and test everything for their specific real-life application, we have created demo versions with various examples of use. The Qdrome platform can cover a variety of completely different types and areas of application. It serves as a comprehensive system for incident monitoring, task […]

[New release] Cool and useful enhancements in Broadcast templates and more!


The latest Qdrome mobile and web application update comes bearing cool news and features tailored for both Group Admins and Group members. The task of Broadcast templates is to simplify the process of sending Broadcasts with predefined settings, enhancing user experience within the Qdrome mobile and web application. Among the customizable settings for each call […]

How to Enhance Field Workers Safety and Boost Efficiency with Qdrome

Enhance Field Workers Safety and Boost Efficiency

Companies with field operations face unique challenges in managing incidents, coordinating workflows, and ensuring field workers safety. Introducing Qdrome — an advanced solution for incident reporting, management and analysis. The 2023 State of Employee Safety Report reveals that 75% of employees believe their employers’ safety efforts have not been very effective, while the majority of […]

Ensuring Campus Safety and Community Engagement with Qdrome

campus safety, connectivity & community

Ensuring the campus safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff is, of course, a top priority for educational institutions, college students and their families. According to a survey conducted by BestColleges in 2022, 60% of both current and potential undergraduate and graduate students indicated that they take campus safety into account when selecting their […]

How Qdrome Empowers Smart Cities

Qdrome-Smart Cities

As urban populations grow, ensuring the safety, well-being, and efficient functioning of these complex ecosystems becomes paramount. Enter Qdrome – an innovative incident reporting and management solution designed to empower cities and streamline communication between city services, organizations, associations, residents, local authorities, and various stakeholders. Let’s explore how Qdrome can be a game-changer for urban […]

5 ways to use the Heroes Nearby app in the time of Corona

5 ways to use heroes nearby app in the time of corona

With the planet in lockdown alone-together there has never been a greater need to connect. Robbed of the physical presence of others, people are reaching out through tech in order to connect, inform, inspire and teach so that some semblance of normal is kept in this uncertain time. With numerous apps and platforms supporting and […]

Tutorial: How to setup a new SOS call

tutorial how to setup a new sos call

See how you can easily preset an indefinite number of SOS calls for a variety of situations: determine the type of emergency (e.g. health problem, physical assault, car accident…) with a list of recipients for each SOS and the risk level so all recipients will be aware of the problem you are facing.

Manufacturers’ Issues: Problems with GPS, tracking and push notifications

smartphones manufacturers issues gps tracking notifications

It is practically an open secret that many smartphones have aggressive battery saving tactics, which often put background apps into sleep mode. Some of the Chinese mobile devices and Huawei phones in particular, tend to kill apps aggressively without following Android standards for background apps. The primary known issues are: failure to send push notifications, […]