5 ways to use the Heroes Nearby app in the time of Corona

With the planet in lockdown alone-together there has never been a greater need to connect. Robbed of the physical presence of others, people are reaching out through tech in order to connect, inform, inspire and teach so that some semblance of normal is kept in this uncertain time.

With numerous apps and platforms supporting and encouraging this around the world, self-isolation becomes a little less lonely. As our pace of life slows down and we get back to the basics, and adjust to the new circumstances human innovation and creativity is leading the way to not only making sense of what is going on, but also in how to live in these new circumstances.

The Heroes Nearby mobile application is an app that connects people who need help with those willing to provide it – the Heroes Nearby.

Here are 5 ways to use the Heroes Nearby mobile application in the time of Covid-19.

Finding new ways to connect and help each other

This is the perfect time to download the app and get your own network of Heroes who are ready to help.

1. With the health and emergency services and personnel taking tremendous strain, we should not pull those off the frontline where they are so desperately needed. For minor medical emergencies there are numerous heroes nearby trained in first aid and with the right skillset that can help you. Family members and neighbours too that can be added to your private network of heroes. Whether you have an SOS template already set up or have the time to create a new one, medical emergencies that are not life-threatening can be dealt with by people who are not needed on the frontlines.

2. If you are ill and exhibiting symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, you may choose to self-isolate and may need help with securing your basic supplies. Here the Heroes Nearby app can be used to call out to those that can do a supply run for you and leave it at your door.

3. Help the elderly. Our elderly friends, family and neighbours may need more support in this time. Supplies, medication or moral support. Sign up as hero and start helping out.
Walking the dog. Those that are confined to the house and too fearful or unwell to go out might appreciate someone who could take their dog for a walk. As long as you are adhering to the Social Distancing guidelines (6 ft. 3m distance) a walk with a dog can help out someone unable to do it and give you a break and some exercise.

4. If corona-anxiety is getting the best of you, you can reach out to someone nearby for a chat or provide relief and distraction to someone who may be struggling mentally and is feeling overwhelmed.

5. Staying at home brings inevitable challenges of having to co-habit with your family without the natural breaks that work and leisure time allows putting strain on even the healthiest of relationships. We understand that incidents of domestic violence may increase over the 21-day lockdown. Using Heroes Nearby to alert trusted friends on your private network may help if this a challenge.

In these strange times, every little bit counts. It may be a while until we can collect in large groups, but until then we can connect, help and support each other.

Become a hero today. Download the app and be ready to help, build your own private network for support.

This too shall pass and maybe we will have created a more humane and helpful community,

By Merryn Wainwright